Starting out? Growing family? Nearing retirement?

Life insurance from New York Life offers protection plus benefits that can help fund your retirement, pay for college, or just give you financial peace of mind. Talk to a financial specialist to learn more.

Life insurance

Protection you need. Benefits you didn't expect.

  •  What are the best life insurance companies?

  •  What type of life insurance policies are there?

  •  How much are life insurance rates?

  •  How can I get a life insurance quote?

Common questions about life insurance:

Did you know that life insurance is a key part of your financial plan? Our advisors look at where you are now,
where you want to be, and recommend the right life insurance for your life.

Three types of life insurance to protect the life you love.

  • Covers you for a set amount of time

  • Some policies have premiums that never increase*

  • The most affordable

  • Can be converted to whole life with some policy features

Term life

  • Covers you for your entire life

  • Can earn you dividends

  • Builds cash value that's guaranteed to grow over time, even in down markets

  • Lets you use your policy's cash value for anything, anytime*

Whole life

Universal life

  • Many of the same benefits as whole life

  • Covers you for life and builds cash value over time

  • Flexibility to change your coverage amounts*

  • Control over when and how much you pay*